Children's Fun at Lupton 2018


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Once again, we are excited to announce a full programme of entertainment and magical things for the children, with entrance fee covering everything they wish to do during each day!!

Entry is only £5 per day and includes all shows and activities!!

Full Programme Coming Soon!
Please visit again for more information.




What's On

Circus Workshops and Show with Elfic

Come and Meet Elfic the Juggler and Jester!
Elfic will be running two amazing Circus Workshops - and performing a special show full of things such as Juggling * High Unicycling * Slackrope * Fire * Comedy * Audience Participation * Ladder Balance * Magic

Making Shakers & Drumming

Woodcraft and Archery from Dan of Sylvan Adventures

The aim of the Sylvan Adventures is too get people outdoors connecting with the natural world around them, through spending time in the outdoors having fun and learn... Children will be in for some great  fun with Dan who will be offering woodcraft and archery at the event.

Daniel Best (Founder), won a Place at Vodafone's World Of Difference Programme. It was to work with Play England to deliver a John Muir Award to a group to young people in Torbay.

Storytelling with Hilda Kalap

Hilda Kalap is a Devon-based holistic health practitioner. She will be unveiling her second picture book 'Donna and Dermot Heal' at the Lupton House festival. 
Filled with vibrant illustrations by Jacob Art, this is a picture book that follows the adventures of Donna and her dog Dermot as they show the healing power of Reiki, massage and essential oils in a book about natural health.

Hilda's first picture book 'Donna and Dermot on the Move' was about mindfulness and has been read in libraries with a school tour to follow in the autumn.
Also debuting at the Lupton House festival are 3ft soft toys of Donna and Dermot made by the skilful hands of seamstress Beck Tallamy of Tall Amy Bags.

Meet them both this summer!!