Exhibitors, Performers & Workshop Facilitators 2018

Rosemary Bishop - Pet Watercolours
Portraits of Spirit Animals, and sharing messages from them. Rosemary will also be bringing her healing dogs.

June Carnell
Reflexology treatments.

Didge Tall Pall
Didgeridoo stand, workshop and performance.

Earthmagic sell high quality crystals for your delight. Our prices are kept as low as possible so that everyone can enjoy their energies and beauty.
Our crystal beaded Sun Catchers are personally made and will bring you upliftment as Rainbows bounce across your rooms.
Our festival clothing is unusual without being to way out .. good quality clothing that is comfortable to wear, easy to wash and makes a statement.

Nicola Edgecombe
Doterra essential oils and mini workshops.

Wendy Erlick
Life Coach, Angel Channeller and Energy Healer.

Karen Evans

Mark Lange
Bowen therapy, allergy esting, emotional and ancestral release, feng shui, dowsing courses and equipment, books, tarot cards and angel cards.

 Elfic the Juggler and Jester
Elfic will be running  amazing Circus Workshops - and performing a special show full of things such as Juggling * High Unicycling * Slackrope * Fire * Comedy * Audience Participation * Ladder Balance * Magic

Patrick Gamble
Spiritual Artist, Paintings, Cards, Calendars, Oracle Decks, Spirit Guide Portraits and more.

Riana George
Intuitive angel card and spiritual readings.

Joylina Goodings
Psychic, clairvoyant, tarot, angel and soul readings.

Ian Griffiths
EMF Protection, organite, shungite protective pendants, mobile phone radiation solutions, earthing/grounding mats, agnihotra kits, crystals for EMF, plus other holistic items.

Amy Isaac
Artwork and Jewellery.

Rachel Harvey
Spiritual Readings.

Penny King
Crystals, Jewellery, Books, CD's and Cards.

Lizzy Rose Dreamscape Therapy
Join Sharon in her beautiful healing tent.
Reiki through Native American Flute, with Chimes, Rattles and Tibetian Bells. The client has Crystal and Chakra layout whilst I play intuitively to
them with the Flutes,  plus Crystal Charms and Necklaces. 

Nicola Monks
Celebrant. Mediumship, Readings, Cards and Tarot.

Janet Monk
Head Massage, Crystal Therapy and Hand Reflexology.

Tracey Nelson
Shamanic healing, guidance, journeying and drum healing withTrace CZ White Crow. Reiki seichem with Carl Goddard. Reflexology and Back and Head Massage with Rachel-Poppy Taylor. Our tent will also be an open space to come ans chill - and chat about all things spiritual.

Cathryn Nettles
Mandala and crystal mixed media pictures. North Devon, Cornwall landscapes.

NYR Organic.

Pilgrims Bazaar
Handicrafts and clothing from India and Nepal.

Jade Proudman - Savage Cabbage
CW Hemp - Charlotte's Web by the Stanley Brothers
'Our mission is to create an environment where individuals can source premium quality health products with confidence. Savage Cabbage will conduct business with passion and integrity, and continue to research and share our findings with our customers as a community. We will be courageous as we lead Savage Cabbage™ forward into the future'

Steve and Rose Princep - Time for You
Rawhide Drums, Beaters, Rattlers, Flutes, Dreamcatchers, Therapies and more

Michelle Prior
Angel card readings, aura cleansing, chakra cleansing, spirit release, angelic reiki.

The largest widlife conservation charity in the UK who will be at Lupton talking about local projects and the value of nature to our health and well-being.

Kay Scott
Holistic Therapist. 'In Touch'. Feel better. Find a new way of being!
Zero Balancing.

Squircle Arts
We provide pop up arts and cultural workshops and activities in a variety of locations, including museums, historic sites, community and children's centres, schools, residential care homes, at festivals, in woodlands and on the beach.
Our workshops link to our cultural history and natural environment, and encourage the use of natural or recycled materials.
Our pop up workshops include linocutting, clay sculpture, collagraph, monoprint and screen-printing, botanical drawing, cave art, outdoor 'Art Jam' events and much more! All materials are provided and our workshops can be adapted to suit all ages and abilities.
We love the arts and culture. We want you to love it too. We'll share everything we know in a pop up workshop near you!

Melayne Stone
Medium, tarot Reader and runes.

The Lupton Healing Yurt
Lupton's own healers will once again be based in their beautiful healing space, offering a wide range of therapies and treatments.

Steven Young
Natural frankincense, myrhh, white sage, dragon's blood and a host of other resins and herbs, along with charcoals and burners to allow people to purchase the complete package. New range of handcrafted artisan dragon-themed jewellery and products.

Ro Boulton Nash
Fairy Houses, Garden Goodies, Enchanting Flowers Oracle Cards, AromaFairypy Essential Oil Fragrances and Mists.

Silver Phoenix Studio
Handmade Silver and Mixed Media Jewellery, including The Woodland Range of nature inspired pieces made from bark and woodland finds.

Greg Smith

Starlight Essences.

Kit Temple
Health Coding Healing.

Rodney Wills
Foot reading and reflexology.

Woodcraft and Archery with Dan from Sylvan Adventures
The aim of the Sylvan Adventures is too get people outdoors connecting with the natural world around them, through spending time in the outdoors having fun and learn... Children will be in for some great  fun with Dan who will be offering woodcraft and archery at the event. Daniel Best (Founder), won a Place at Vodafone's World Of Difference Programme. It was to work with Play England to deliver a John Muir Award to a group to young people in Torbay.